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We are happy to advise you on plants, flowers, or even herbs and vegetables. We’ll show you how to plant, weed, water, and prune, and help you find the tools you need to get those jobs done. Got pests? We can help with those, too! We can help you tell the baby ladybugs (crazy looking tiny alligator bugs- go look them up!) from the aphids and help you target those bad bugs.

We offer an extensive selection of landscaping, gardening, and lawn products, as well as pots, soil, and plant food for your indoor plants.

Our products will satisfy everyone from the weekend gardener to the professional landscaper – stop by and see us today!

A beautifully painted mural on a brick wall dedicated to Annie's Dependable Service Hardware in Washington D.C.


Don’t waste your time at a big-box superstore where no one can help you figure out what you want, if you can even find someone to help you! At Ace Hardware, we know our grills and can help you find one you’ll love.

Some people want a grill that says something about them. If you are a grill aficionado, Weber, Traeger, and Big Green Egg make great style statements as well as excellent food. Some people don’t have room for an extravagant grill, or just want to flip a few burgers every now and then. For you, we have models that take up little space and still offer the full grilling experience.

Whatever you are looking for, our sales team will provide you with excellent buying guidance, and you can read reviews before you make up your mind, too. When you are ready to buy, you can be sure we will have the right unit for you in stock or we can have a custom model available to you in less than a week.

We stock and sell a wide variety of gas and charcoal grills. We can assemble and deliver them, plus we have all of the accessories and replacement parts you could ever wish for. You want to talk to us about wire versus non-wire grill brushes? We are here for you!


Don’t get yourself locked out! Copy a key for a neighbor, or at least have an extra set. We can copy your house keys while you here in the store. While you are here you can trick out your keychain with key caps, a tiny flashlight, tools, or a new key ring. If you are looking for a carabiner, we have a lot of types! And if you want a monkey flashlight keyring…. well, we have those too.

We can also copy car keys. Our Duracell program allows us to program most car keys at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the dealer. For car keys, call or come by and talk to us to see what we can do for you or set up an appointment!

If you need locks rekeyed, give us a call or come in and talk to us. We can rekey many locks so you don’t have to haul around 394 keys every day!


We can help you reimagine your walls- inside and out! Come in and check out some paint colors (with their crazy names!), get samples mixed, or consult with us about paint and finishes. We offer Benjamin Moore and Clark + Kensington paints in finishes from flat to high gloss. We can match paint colors found in other brands, and make sure that you find the perfect color for your front door, your back door, and everything in between.

When you can’t look at the pinkish brown the previous owner painted the dining room any longer, we are here for you. We will shed a Teardrop (2060-70, blue) for the Vintage (1174, taupe) color while we mix up something that will be a Breath of Fresh Air (806, blue) to make your room Flawless (AF-320, tan). Then, after you get it on the walls, you can Exhale (AF-515, blue) a sigh of relief. And go Salsa Dancing (AF-280, red). Uh, or something like that.


We carry many major brands of power tools:  Craftsman, DeWalt, Stanley, Milwaukee and more. Drills, sanders, saws — if we don’t have it, we can order it!


You can’t grill without heat, and for many of us that means propane! We can exchange your old propane tank for a fresh new one and get you on your way to grilling bliss. New to gas grilling? We can set you up with a new tank if that’s what you need.


Don’t let them know what you have been up to! If you need documents shredded we have a locked and secure drop off provided by Shred Ace and it will only cost you only .70/pound to sleep well at night!


If you are getting bugged by critters coming in through holes in your screens, we can re-screen them and make them look like new. If you need screens rebuilt give us a call and we can do that for you, too.


We sell and cut glass and Plexiglas for you so you can finish that project and it won’t pane you any longer.

Paint recycling

If you have old house paint, we can take it for recycling. We partner with PaintCare and can recycle all sorts of house paint, but if you have questions, give us a call!

UPS drop-off and pickup

We can keep your packages safe. Come in and drop off your UPS packages, or, using UPS, you can reroute packages from your house to us so they don’t sit on your porch. (However, please don’t use our address as your mailing address because we might open your new underwear thinking it’s a delivery for the store. Then everyone will be embarrassed!)

CFL bulbs

Don’t throw away any old CFL bulbs you don’t need anymore! They have mercury in them and should be recycled. Bring them into us and we will take care of it- we have a drop-off box for everything from CFL bulbs to fluorescent strip lights.

Knife sharpening

We sharpen knives, yard tools, and mower blades. Come in and show us what you have and we will see what we can do for you. (Certain tools, serrated knives, and blades in poor condition can’t be sharpened, but we will definitely try our best!)


Don’t go without a little fizz in your step! We sell Sodastream machines, accessories, and we can get you new Sodastream canisters or exchange your old ones.