Our 50 Gallon Rain Barrel Is Eligible for the DOEE Rebate

We proudly carry this 50-gallon Rain Barrel by EarthMinded that Washington, D.C. homeowners can install at a very low cost, with full rebate through the DC Government.

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, the regional environmental organization coordinating the DOEE rain barrel program, has pre-approved this rain barrel to receive the rebate.

However, it does require a downspout filter (in place of a barrel filter). We recommend this filter from Aquabarrel. It also needs a small piece of mosquito netting for the input hose – if you need some, just ask us and we are happy to provide it with purchase of this rain barrel.

Our experts at Annie’s Ace Hardware will answer any questions you have regarding the supplies you need to install this rain barrel. Thanks to the DOEE you can save money and conserve water for free* once you receive your rebate.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Stop by Annie’s Ace Hardware to order your rain barrel or get it online with FREE shipping to our stores in Brookland or Petworth!

*Find rebate criteria and application info at doee.dc.gov/service/rain-barrel-rebates or send a request by email to Erin O’Grady’s email: eogrady@allianceforthebay.org

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What Are The Benefits Of Rain Barrels?

A Money Saver – with this free water source homeowners save on their water bills. Lawn and garden irrigation accounts for 40 % of residential water use according to the EPA.
Using rain barrels, homeowners can save roughly 1,300 gallons of water during the growing season.

Healthy Plants and Soil – Rainwater does not contain the same additives found in tap water like inorganic ions and fluoride compounds which over time, accumulate in soil.
This accumulation can potentially harm plant roots and microorganisms in the soil. Clean rainwater helps clean the soil of salt buildup which benefits plants and their roots.

Reduction of Runoff – Rain barrels help reduce storm runoff which flows directly into streams, lakes and other nearby bodies of water.
Rains pick up soil, oil, fertilizer, pesticides and other contaminants that can increase algae growth in lakes for example.

What are the benefits of Rain Barrels?


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